What is a Digital or Printed Standard Provisioning Service?

An individual print or digital standards provision service is a service that typically provides individuals or organizations with access to documents that conform to specific standards. This service can generally be offered in the following ways:

  1. Printed Standard Provision Services: This service provides individuals with access to specific industrial or technical standards in hard copies. These copies, usually in the form of books or magazines, are available for a fee.
  2. Digital Standard Provisioning Services: This service provides access to digital copies of specific standards. These copies can often be in formats similar to PDF, e-books or documents available on online platforms. This service is usually offered through subscription or single purchase models.

These services are often used by professionals working in industrial and technical fields, engineers, quality control specialists and the like. Access to standards plays an important role in areas such as product design, manufacturing process, quality control and compliance. The providers of these services can often be national or international standards bodies, publishing houses or online platforms.

How Can You Easily Access the Document You Are Looking For?

You can contact us to find the standards and publications you need.

Just send us the document number or title or a list of the documentation required for your project.

Our consultants will get back to you within the same week and provide you with the documents you need.

All you need to do is to decide on your individual document format and send it to us. The format options allowed by the document will be included in the offer we will share.

Printed: A hard copy of the document you selected is transmitted.

PDF: Locked PDF file shared via email.

CD-ROM / DVD: Many of the most popular individual standards and standard sets are available on this medium and can be installed on your internal corporate network for a small additional charge.

RAP (Remote Access Printing) PDF: You can use our patented delivery method that delivers printed documents to you instantly without shipping costs. You will be sent a special PDF file that you can print at your location. You can print as many copies as you order from this file and each copy is officially licensed and approved by the publisher.

Our Difference

  • We can offer licensed digital subscription or printed single documentation options.
  • We can invoice your company directly.
  • We can help you manage your budget with flexible payment options.
  • We can provide fast and reliable consultancy with our expert team.

How Can We Serve You?

Online Standard is your most reliable and fastest solution partner for access to technical documents and publications, guidelines and standards.

If you contact us , you will also get all the documentation you need.

Thanks to our valuable collaborations, we can offer you the documentation you can obtain through research on more than 500 sources in digital or printed form.

Through our partnerships with API, ASHRAE, ASME, ASTM, BSI, IEC, IEEE, ISO, SAE and hundreds of standardization bodies